The charming and talented Eugenio Derbez (OVERBOARD, INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED) is here for this week’s episode of Unqualified! To begin the show, Eugenio discusses going to the Oscars for the very first and describes what it was like to grow up with a famous mother. Then, Eugenio details his experience of moving to Los Angeles from Mexico City and he and Anna reminisce on last summer’s filming of Overboard. Next, Sim attempts to read a “Spanish” script, Eugenio plays a game of “How Would You Proceed?” and “Karen Sarducci” pitches a new movie idea to Eugenio. Later, they call Caitlin, who can’t stand the noises her boss makes. Tune in and don’t forget to go see Overboard – in theaters May 4!
Check out the all-new Spanish Spanish translation of Unqualified: Anna Faris No Está Calificada!
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