The amazing Zoey Deutch (FLOWER, BEFORE I FALL) is here for a brand new episode of Unqualified! First, Zoey talks about the relationship she has with her mother, actor Lea Thompson (5:39), as well as her fun family dynamic (8:26). Then, a round of deal breakers (15:36) before Zoey and Anna dish out their opinions on dating actors (18:03). Next, Sim hosts a round of “Zoey 101”, a new game where Anna guesses two truths and a lie about Zoey (25:37). Later, they call Lisa (35:37), who is coming to terms with an unexpected breakup. After that, Zoey makes a quick personal call (58:14) and then they call Jenna (1:00:41), who is dealing with a friend that constantly flakes on her. Tune in and enjoy, dear listeners!
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