The incredible actress, writer and director Heather Graham is on this week’s episode of Unqualified! In this episode, Heather talks about the rewarding experience of directing her first film (6:10) and the group gets into a powerful conversation on sexism in the entertainment industry (8:02) before revealing their favorite romantic comedy guilty pleasures (13:50).

Then, Heather plays a round of deal-breakers (16:40) and the gals tell us what qualities they look for in a partner (19:28). After that, Heather and Anna discuss the societal pressures and expectations of being female (32:48) followed by Anna’s recollections of becoming a mother in the Hollywood spotlight (38:05).

Later, they call Mira (46:40), who is getting bullied at work by women who are jealous of her job title, and Justina (1:00:00), who is in a disagreement with her husband over what to name their baby on-the-way. Tune in and enjoy!

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