Talented stand-up comedian and writer Tom Segura (NETFLIX’S DISGRACEFUL, MOSTLY STORIES) is on this week’s episode of Unqualified! First, Anna and Tom discuss the differences between being an actor and a comedian (5:32) and Tom tells us his favorite thing to do after a show (10:30). Then, they have an insightful discussion on overcoming self-doubt (15:00), Anna talks about how the plot of House Bunny was developed (21:25), and Sim reflects on how he and Anna first met (29:40). After that, Tom answers some wild deal-breakers (39:27) and Anna reveals her ideal acting roles (54:20).
Later, they call Laura (1:01:05), who is struggling with her boyfriend’s interest in having a threesome, and Megan, whose new boyfriend won’t stop talking about his past sexual experiences with other women. Anna, Sim and Tom give some amazing advice. Tune in and enjoy!
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