This week on Anna Faris is Unqualified, Anna, Sim and Jack Faris chat with Jena Friedman (THE DAILY SHOW, SOFT FOCUS WITH JENA FRIEDMAN) about her new Adult Swim special (8:58) before Anna hands off the reins of the interview to a VERY serious journalist. (13:45)

After the break, they call Dr. Craig Rubens to talk about premature births and how GAPPS is helping to prevent them (23:25) before getting an update from past caller Dave about his girlfriend who put an expiration date on their relationship (41:30). All that and more on an all new Unqualified!

Go to to donate to GAPPS today. Help increase awareness and fund research towards preventing prematurity and stillbirth in newborn children and you may win a trip to LA to hang out with Anna and the Unqualified crew!

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