It’s a brand new week, which means there’s a brand new episode of Unqualified! This week, Anna and Sim sit down with Anna’s Overboard co-star Mel Rodriguez (THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, GETTING ON). Anna and Mel discuss things that make Mel nervous (8:30), Mel’s college experience in New York (17:30), the video “Two Girls, One Cup” (23:30), and the time Mel was homeless (43:00). Then, Mel has to answer some dating deal-breakers for guys that might date his daughter in the future (59:30). Also, don’t miss Anna’s message to Will Forte (1:21:00)!

Later, the group call Mandie (1:23:00), who had a threesome with her husband and the other woman is now pregnant; and Angelica (1:50:00), who doesn’t know if she should let her step-dad walk her down the aisle.

For the second half of the episode, listen to a recording from Sim and Anna’s USC class with guest Paul Scheer (2:07:00)!

ALSO, Anna is going on a book tour!! Go to to learn more.

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