Omg! The talented writer/director/actress LAKE BELL (I DO… UNTIL I DON’T, IN A WORLD…) is on this week’s episode of Unqualified!! In this episode, Anna and Lake discuss starting a celebrity breast milk franchise (7:18), Lake’s experience while working on a Mark Duplass film (10:00), and Anna’s thoughts on a particular sex act (21:00). Then, Anna and Lake play the game “Celebrity Baby Name or Celebrity Restaurant/Bar” (27:00).

Later, they call Mallory, who is questioning whether her boyfriend’s job is too abnormal (41:00), and Elizabeth, whose boyfriend’s sister did something strange to her (57:00). This might be the wildest advice call Anna and Sim have ever received! Tune in!

Also make sure to check out Lake’s newest films!

“I Do… Until I Don’t” which she wrote, directed AND starred, and “Home Again”!


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