Mondo Cozmo is in the house!!! On this week’s episode of Unqualified, Anna and Sim sit down with their good friend and musician Josh Ostrander (MONDO COZMO)! Anna and Josh discuss when Anna starred in one of his music videos (3:30) and how his career has recently started to skyrocketed (3:50). Josh then dives deep into how he writes his music (17:00), and they ask some deal-breakers that Josh isn’t too judgmental about (31:00). Did we mention that Sim reveals how Unqualified was started? (51:00)

Later, they call Joyce (56:00), who completely forgot about her friend’s wedding! Throughout the episode, Josh plays some of his amazing tunes like “Shine” and ends the episode with his new song “Automatic” (1:15:00). Tune in!

And make sure to check out the new Mondo Cozmo album out on August 4th!

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