The iconic Eva Longoria (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, OVERBOARD) joins Anna and Sim this week for a great show! Right off the bat, Eva and Sim go back in time to talk about the movie they worked on together! The gang then discusses the importance of spirituality and humankind, what would happen if women ruled the world, and their favorite holidays! 
Eva is then put to the test when she’s asked some of Anna’s classic Deal-breakers. Find out what makes her tick! Then, during some How Would You Proceed’s, Eva has a run in with Johnny Depp himself! 
Anna and Eva then compete in a round of the “Celebrity Name Game” which challenges them to guess then name of commonly mispronounced celebrities names, something that happens to both of them.
They take a quick break and return to give some advice to Maria, whose boyfriend’s best friend drunkly admits his love for her, and Adina, whose friend owes her money and is causing quite a bit of drama! EVA LONGORIA! You don’t want to miss out!
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