Attention dear listeners! We’ve got a very special episode for you this week loaded with never before heard recordings from past guests! In “The Lost Tapes Vol. 1”, the show is opened with a song by Eli Braden (Howard Stern Show), just before Anna and Sim go back in time, pre-Unqualified, to practice giving advice to a caller named “Lewis” (played by Chris Pratt) who accidentally slept with his cousin (6:00)! Then, they interview Justin Long (19:30) to discuss how he met Anna and to ask him some rapid fire questions (one word: anal?). Zachary Levi takes a meeting to brainstorm his next great role with the one and only, Karen Sarducci (41:20). Are Adam Pally and Zoe Lister-Jones ready to meet Kayla (50:30)? Find out what happens when Thomas Middleditch is approached by Chad, an app designer, who has an idea that’s truly visionary (62:00)! Tune in and enjoy!

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