Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 2.29.49 PMThis week on Unqualified, Anna and Sim hangout with the very funny duo of Jillian Bell (WORKAHOLICS, IDIOTSITTER, 22 JUMP STREET) and Charlotte Newhouse (IDIOTSITTER)! They get into fetishes, apps they want to make, how they developed their show and Anna pitches new perfumes! They also play Friendship Dealbreaker’s and have a run in with someone from their past. Afterwards they call Janine, who’s mother-in-law has put her in an interesting position and Kaelyn, who feels like she’s being benched by a group of her guy friends! Chris Pratt also pops in to tell a hilarious story (4:46)!

This is an episode you’ll love! Tune in!