Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 2.59.58 AMWe have a special treat in store, dear listeners! Introducing the first episode of “Inside Unqualified,” an experimental bonus show that we’re trying out in addition to the show you heard this week. Sim hosts a roundtable discussion with Unqualified “insiders,” including his girlfriend, Amy; close friends/former musical guests Aria Pullman Ostrander and Josh Ostrander (who wrote and sang the “Uqualified” theme song); and Anna and Sim’s longtime friend, actress Alexandra Holden.  The gang relives some of their favorite Unqualified moments so far and calls one of the most loyal Unqualified fans to get her take. Sim also shares some behind-the-scene stories, including the lead-up to Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s phone call on the first Aubrey Plaza episode, and what he and Amy observed while recording the Chris Evans and Jenny Slate episode. And while Anna isn’t on the inaugural episode of “Inside Unqualified,” trust us, she definitely feel the love!