ps2Part 2 picks up with calls from two Unqualified listeners in need of relationship advice. First, Anna, Sim and Paul talk to a woman whose husband is a terrible gift-giver.  Listen in as Paul enlightens her about the “Languages of Love” and the gang brainstorms about how to point him in the right direction. Next, they call Brittany, a woman who has been involved for six months with a stand-up comedian she met on a dating app. Paul and Anna leave no stone unturned in trying to help her figure out whether she likes him enough to commit to a possible long-distance relationship and, if so, how to talk to him about their relationship…as illustrated through another hilarious role-play. Their advice may or may not be good, but one thing is for sure: Brittany’s boyfriend is going to be in a state of shock by the time he finishes listening to this episode!