Paul Scheer 1Actor/Comedian and Improv genius Paul Scheer (The League, Fresh Off the Boat, “How Did This Get Made?” podcast) stops by Anna’s house this week for another hilarious two-part episode. Picking up where his podcast co-host/prior Unqualified guest Jason Mantzoukas left off, Paul and Anna role-play a scene in which an ebullient screenwriter (Paul) must come up with plots for hilarious movie titles proposed by his studio executive boss (Anna). Later, Paul offers everything from conversation etiquette tips to unforgettable impressions, including Batman auditioning for an erectile dysfunction drug commercial and Indiana Jones passing out samples at Costco. Anna also shares the story behind the Unqualified cover photo and practices her sales pitch for chicken nuggets. Plus, Paul brings an item that Sim describes as the “weirdest thing [they’ve] ever had on the show.” You’ll never guess what it is! And be sure to tune in tomorrow when the gang hits the phones to dish out relationship advice!
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