FullSizeRenderTiffany Haddish tells it like it is. The breakout star of “Keanu” joins Anna and Sim this week, showcasing both her incredible comedic talents as well as her astounding personal resilience. Tiffany opens up to Anna about her journey from the “hood” to the Hollywood red carpet, discussing how she was shaped by her experience in the foster care system and how she found the strength to pursue—and accomplish—her dreams against all odds. As outrageously funny as she is inspiring, Tiffany also has Anna and Sim in stitches throughout the episode as she talks about her friends, family, and her plan to sell a “special” hair growth product on QVC. And you definitely won’t want to miss Tiffany’s brilliant – and explicit – advice to Anna about how to communicate with men! Finally, the gang talks to a caller whose best friend declined to attend her birthday getaway weekend—even after her husband offered to buy her BFF’s ticket. Not sure she was ready for the advice that Anna and Tiffany dished out!