OM1 IMG_1035Shaquille O’Neal may very well be Anna Faris’s biggest fan — both literally and otherwise! The mutual excitement is palpable as Shaq welcomes “his Anna” and Sim to Atlanta in this can’t-miss episode. Inspiring, insightful, and inimitable, the larger-than-life NBA star recounts how he got the courage to ask out his high school crush and admits which NBA team he’d refuse to play for based on its mascot. Sim and Anna also put Shaq to the test by making him match rap lyrics to the NBA baller who rapped them. Later, the gang gives a male caller unqualified advice about how to help re-build his wife’s self-confidence after years of marriage and child-raising have taken a toll. “ShaqDaddy’s” advice is bound to make you love him even more! And speaking of love, Shaq manages to make both Sim and Anna blush in this episode — stay tuned ’til the end to find out why!