20Olivia Munn truly is every guy’s dream girl. Beautiful, brilliant, and funny as hell, the self-described “Prince Harry of Maxim” joins Anna and Sim for this week’s two-part episode. Join in on the fun as Olivia and Anna discuss Olivia’s desire to hold a baby panda, her deep-seated fear of brain-eating amoebas, and her search for the truth about post-baby vaginas. Olivia also explains why she froze her eggs, and (jokingly) offers to be Anna’s surrogate. But don’t worry, guys, there plenty of football talk too, as one might expect from the girlfriend of NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers. Anna and Olivia even role-play a conversation about football between Chris Pratt and Anna — with Anna playing Chris! You won’t want to miss this mile-a-minute episode.

And be sure to tune in tomorrow for Part II when the gang hits the phones for some unqualified advice!