18Get ready for the ultimate Unqualified double-whammy! Captain America himself, Chris Evans, and Jenny Slate (Obvious Child, Parks and Rec) join Anna and Sim for a night of hilarious antics and unforgettable banter. This special two-part episode doubles down on everything you love—two sets of male/female BFFs, two brilliant comedic actresses, and even two superheroes named Chris! In Part 1, Anna, Sim, Jenny, and Chris Evans talk candidly about making friends in Hollywood, personal grooming habits, and the pressure to look great in the digital age. Plus, Chris and Anna improvise an absurd traffic stop, Jenny discloses who her (unconventional) celebrity crush is, and the crew re-casts “Three Men and a Baby” with Captain America, Star-Lord and Iron Man. And you won’t want to miss the answer to one of life’s burning questions: is Chris Evans a “boob” or “butt” man?

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Part 2, when Chris Pratt joins the gang to dish out some unqualified relationship advice!

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters May 6th!