16SUPERGIRL herself, Melissa Benoist joins us on one of our most entertaining episodes to date! Anna, Melissa and Sim a wide variety of topics including Melissa’s first kiss, disdain for the term “preggers” and the brilliance that is THE NEVERENDING STORY. We also introduce a new segment called “Thank You For Bringing Something Weird…What Is It?” You will not believe the value of one of the items! Needless to say, Melissa left the house a VERY surprised and VERY happy woman. Plus a female caller’s roommate is dating her ex-boyfriend’s identical twin brother – and she can’t move on because she sees her ex’s clone everyday at the apartment! This call leads to Anna and Sim’s first on-air argument about…of all things, “twin fantasies.” Finally, a male caller needs advice on his pending marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend! DO NOT SKIP THIS EPISODE!
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