EP Headshot_Hi ResEllen Page is every bit as brilliant and cool as you’ve heard. The Oscar-nominated actress hangs out with Anna and Sim in this week’s Episode, discussing Ellen’s experience eating dog food, Anna’s knowledge of Canadian provinces, and why it’s Anna’s dream to become a flight attendant. Ellen also talks about her new docu-series, GAYCATION, which literally moved Anna to tears. And you won’t want to miss this week’s calls! First, the gang offers unqualified advice to a woman who still has intense feelings for her first love…with whom she happens to work…even though she’s engaged to another man and just had a child with him! They also help a male caller decide whether to bring a date to a wedding where he’ll see his longtime crush with her new boyfriend! And you won’t want to miss what Anna blurted out at a McDonald’s outing with Chris! This episode is a MUST listen!