ddThe “World Champion” is in the building! On another uproarious episode of “Unqualified,” Anna and producer/co-host Sim Sarna welcome comedian and “30 Rock” star Judah Friedlander! The trio compare dating in Los Angeles with dating in New York, and Judah explains why he prefers foreign porn to American porn.  Anna and Judah also discuss marketing a “reverse Viagra” pill that women could “prescribe” to men who cheat! They also give (unqualified) advice to a male caller about how to rebound from his terrible ex-girlfriend and reenter the dating world with confidence, and talk to a female listener who can’t stand the fact that her best friend keeps getting back together with her cheating boyfriend!
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And pick up a copy of Judah’s new book of drawings and cartoons called “If the Raindrops United.” Available online and in bookstores now!
Photography from 30 Rock TV Show.