8363571_600x338  In perhaps the most revealing and touching episode to-date, Anna and producer/co-host Sim Sarna welcome the one and only Rosie O’Donnell!  Join Anna and Rosie for a hilarious discussion about their awkward celebrity encounters, kissing Allison Janney, and how Rosie became close friends with Madonna at the height of her fame when the two filmed “A League of Their Own.”  Then, in a surprise twist, Rosie takes a call from the supremely talented Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Rec). Aubrey shares how Rosie’s biography gave her the courage to become a Hollywood actress, and ultimately changed her life forever. Anna and Rosie also help a female liberal arts student with her issues dating “soft boys,” and talk to a young man who wonders if it’s okay to be a “prude” despite societal pressures to the contrary in the gay community.   Listeners who think they know Rosie are bound to be very surprised by what she has to say.  And if you love her already, we promise you’ll love her even more. Enjoy!